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Black Domina CBD Cannabis Buds

41 ratings
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Natural product, similar to picture
  • Fresh herbal aroma
  • Organic cultivation in Austria
  • EU-licensed hemp plant
  • 5.90% CBD · 0.20% THC max.
  • Not suitable for consumption
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When vaporized or smoked, „Black Domina” CBD cannabis buds develop a fresh, resinous smell. The smoke from this CBD-containing flower can, when used correctly, have a calming, pain relieving, antipsychotic and anxiolytic effect.

With its 5.90% CBD content, „Black Domina" is one of the more potent cannabis strains. Due to its low THC content of less than 0.20%, a psychogenic intoxicating effect is excluded.

The plant is organically grown in Austria under artificial light in an indoor greenhouse. In order to be able to develop the full, rich aroma when smoking or evaporating, the CBD buds are slowly and evenly fermented and dried in a special room climate.

Due to its resinous, grass-typical smell, „Black Domina" is ideally suited as an incense processed for aromatherapy, for the production of oils and cosmetics or for the production of tea and similar products.

The flowers are only sold for commercial or scientific purposes. Not suitable for consumption.

Ratings (41)

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Dutch (1)

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Product name Black Domina
Flower type Tiborszallasi
Aroma fresh, herbal
Land of cultivation Austria
Cultivation type indoor
CBD 5.90 %
THC 0.19 %
CBG 0.07 %

Our Buds

Only cannabis buds from EU certified hemp plants.
Sale for commercial or scientific purposes.
All buds meet the required 0.20% THC limit.


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